Nous utilisons ce blog aujourdh'ui pour publier une réponse independante a une parution sur le Hufpost d'un article de Johnny Rich sur le Brexit. Ce professeur essaye de pousser a son terme la logique des Brexiters, les anglais qui veulent quitter l'Europe. C'est amusant. Peut-etre qu'en anglais notre commentaire trouvera un écho avant le 23/06?



Mr Rich wrote on Facebook 35 reasons for leave pushing out the logic of the brexiters. It is interesting to comment




1. Contrary to the expert conclusions of every economic authority of note (OECD, World Bank, Bank of England, IFS, etc, etc, etc), Brexit will not be damaging to the British economy.


*No it is obviously a question of fiscal fraud. Inside EU you must pays the levies. Outside EU following the brexiters you will got a chance escaping them.


2. Experts don’t always get it right. In fact, because I can think of one example of an expert getting something wrong, I’m going to assume they’re all wrong on the economic consequences of leaving the EU.


*Of course Experts are often wrong. UK is going to become the most unjust country of the world and proud of to do that.


3. I think English literature graduate Michael Gove has a better insight into global economics than the above experts and, in fact, Brexit will magically solve any and all problems in the British economy.


*Michael Gove is certainly not Churchill. And Churchill never wished the increase of the gap of the inequalities


4. I believe that there aren’t enough jobs to go round for EU immigrants, despite the fact that more workers create a larger economy, creating more jobs as well as a higher tax take.


*Why do you have rather clandestine, or illegal, or secret immigration like Jamaican, Ukrainian or from New Zealand, than the common effort of European people finding an issue to the middle east question ?


5. I believe foreign workers who fill jobs where there are skills shortages like nursing, construction and, erm, premiership football are adding nothing to society.


*And what are you adding to your own society ? That is a universal question for everybody given that the own concrete economic developement stays  inside the new tech that are adding nothing if not communication ?


6. I believe leaving the EU will remove any moral obligation from the UK to support and welcome desperate people fleeing war and peril in the most troubled areas of the world as this country did before and during WWII.


*Good point : to be relieved of !


7. I believe leaving the EU will make refugees who have already risked everything to get here decide not to bother after all.


*It is a pity for you . Despair and immigration brought new forces to the right wing of the opinion and you despite them !


8. I believe China (market size 1.2Bn) will offer just as good trading terms or better to the UK (market size 57Mn) as it does to the EU (market size 500Mn).


*That's is true. China market will offer opportunities to an independant UK : but how long given China is obvious going to the war


9. I believe the angle of curve of my bananas is something that the EU genuinely legislates on and that this is sufficiently important to me that I am willing to suffer economic hardship in order to protect the right to have access to the bent/straight bananas that I prefer.


*Your bananas are growing in Jamaica of Nicaragua. You don't need Europe to handle with them.


10. I believe the Social Chapter is an affront to my right to oppress others and of those who would seek to oppress me.


*Who never hear about a French a German or a Dutch willing to oppress a Brit since the WWII ?


11. I believe this country would wake up the day after leaving the EU and would suddenly find itself bathed in a glorious light of sovereignty, whatever that means. I don’t believe that in practice sovereignty is actually a pretty vague idea that actually can only be negotiated in relation to the wider world as part of international community and that no country gets to do exactly what it likes. Except perhaps North Korea. Yeah. I want to live in North Korea. They got sovereignty.


*Thank you to praise the sovereinty but why are the Bremain less sovereing than the Brexiters if note that you hate them ?


12. I believe that, contrary to intelligence experts, the UK would be safer from terrorists without pooling intelligence with other European countries, even though most of the 7/7 bombers were born and raised in, erm, the UK.


*No you are not sensible. The terrorism comes out the Arabic countries and enter UK through the muslims that never have a European origin ?


13. I believe we could pool intelligence with other European countries from outside the EU and they would be just as happy to share with us as they are now, but somehow, even though I believe the situation would be the same, that’s still a reason to leave the EU.


*Right we will be going on our cooperation but what are you doing of the huge number of your fellow countrymen more numerous all over the Europe whatever their age or their gender than Britons should have been splitted in the former empire ? Why bother them with new papers new duties new rules


14. I believe I am better represented by the first-past-the-post elected parliamentarians in Westminster than the proportionally representative elected parliamentarians in Brussels and it’s got to be one or the other, rather than both.


*Are you kidding ? Some lines farther you say your are Scottish and for the independance of Scottland ? Since when are Scottich independant represented in Westminster ? That' a joke !


15. I believe the supremacy of European Court of Human Rights (even though it isn’t actually an EU body) diminishes sovereignty in the UK and therefore somehow is less just even though, erm, I can’t think of any occasions when it has overruled British legislation except, oh yes, that thing about prisoners getting the vote, but, well, I suppose actually that might be quite just anyway, but still…


*England is the country of Habeas Corpus and Europe has opened the opportunity of generalizing it.


16. I believe the EU is all a Franco-German conspiracy and the best way of defeating it is to, erm, allow the Germans and French to get on with it.


*Churchill could have thought like that, but it is not fitting the situation at present because if you become alone you would be more and more nationalists.


17. I believe the EU is run by a bunch of faceless pen-pushing bureaucrats, completely unlike our own fine British civil service which has just exactly as much red tape as is necessary to ensure accountability and to counter corruption, and not a scrap more.


*Whithout any liabilities of the English people ? Who has introduced lobbying at Brussel ?


18. I don’t actually know whether Brussels government is any worse than UK government, but no one’s asking me about leaving the UK, but they have given me a chance to whinge that not everything is perfect in the world, so I’m taking it.


*The point is that according to your opinion you must forbide English langage to any other European


19. I don’t find Leave’s figure of £350Mn in payments to the EU a week remotely ridiculous, even though it takes no account of either the rebate or payments to the UK.


*Yes it is not a so big invoice that your tycoons might not pay ? Just a little tour in Jersey or Gibraltar and you will find easily the coffer to open to be free from any European invoicing.


20. I believe that instead of spending £350Mn a week to the EU, if we left, we really would be able to spend it on the NHS ‘cause that’s really how economics does work. No, it is.


*Forgotten to mention that M.Murdoch already proposed to take the charges on account of sky news, news of the world and the financial times. They are old and like NHS very much


21. I believe Britain’s exit from the EU will bring the whole edifice tumbling down and I don’t like anyone else forming an international collaboration if we’re not part of it, even though, erm, I don’t want to be part of it.


*Likely you are right to write that the edifice is tumbling and that your departure is the shake that makes everything split.


22. I believe holidaying in Europe will be just as easy and no more expensive because they should be happy to have our fine British pounds, even though after Brexit they might be worth a lot less.


*Just new papers. But again you are doing a cheap money of your fellow living outside that you consider less than yourself living inside


23. I believe that the imports from Europe that of course I will still be able to buy just as easily and just as cheaply will be just as safe and my consumer rights will be protected just as well, even though these are safeguards that are protected by EU legislation.


*That is a classical point of desagreement between UK with specific taxes with New Zealand and Australia against Europe. You were in because the second one were more advantageous : what has suddenly change with Frarage political birth on this desagreement ?


24. I’d like to be able to rip off music and videos, like they do in China and Russia, because they don’t have those pesky EU intellectual property controls which stop me stealing from artists whose work I like.


*Let's go ans don't forget Japan because you are two islands surrounding Eurasia and belonging your deterrence.


25. I believe people traffickers who operate outside the law anyway will be just as easy to track without transnational agreements and information sharing.


*For sure Let's imagine easily in each of your's a policemen chasing the smugglers of wood ivory or diamonds in Africa !


26. I believe an isolated UK will have more influence on a global stage because, well, we used to have an Empire you know. Just like, erm, Egypt, Mongolia and the Aztecs.


*Where is it now your empire ? On a dirty oiled, polluted and garbaged-full sea ?


27. I’m a Scottish nationalist who wants to stay in Europe, but I hate those Sassenach Tories and this is probably my best way to get another chance to break up the United Kingdom.


*We like Walter Scott and Adam Smith


28. I’m an Irish republican who wants Northern Ireland to be reunited with Eire and, erm, I’m not quite sure how that’s going to happen by leaving the EU, but if that Scottish guy thinks it’ll stuff the English, then I’m for it too.


*Why would you loose the dialog with the other province of Europe that are badly represented by the country they belonging to and hope to be recognized with their langage in EU ?


29. I don’t mind my taxes supporting scroungers hundreds of miles away and with whom I have no connection so long as they’re this side of any sea, but I don’t want them supporting no foreign scroungers whose need might be even greater. After all, I do my bit by giving a fiver to Pudsy most years.


*You got the championship of the tax havens. Please keep them !


30. I just want to shove it to Cameron and Osborne.


*Us both


31. Michael Gove is my anti-Establishment icon.


*Murdoch's friend


32. I don’t really want to leave the EU, but I want Boris as our next prime minister because he’s got silly hair and says wacky things - a bit like that awfully funny chap they’ve got in the US at the moment, who’s also ever-so keen on Brexit.


*So will the Bremain wins the referendum


33. I liked it back in the olden days when frogs were frogs and Krauts were krauts.


*Too bad they are all together playing football at present, the best cultural stuff that UK gives to the world


34. I believe whatever the Daily Mail and Daily Express tell me to.


*No doubt ! They have no concerns for the Scotts


35. I genuinely feel no cultural connection to Abba, Archimedes, Aristotle, Bach, Beethoven, Brie, Cervantes, Chanel, Cicero, Croissant, Da Vinci, Einstein, Euclid, Goethe, the Grimms, Homer, Ibsen, Joyce, Leibniz, Michelangelo, Mozart, Pasta, Plato, Pythagoras, Rousseau, Schiller, Socrates, Tapas, Truffaut, Virgil, Zola or whatever, but on the other hand, I’ve got Morris dancing, Robert Burns, bara lafwr and the Orangemen in my veins.”


***Yes but with the EURO Football match


On the other hand, if every one of these reasons seems utterly, Trump-lovingly deluded, stop being a bloody idiot and vote #remain.